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View on Action research: interterritorial and energy transition
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19 January 2017

Faced with the governance issues observed in territories with heterogeneous positive energy (comprising highly urbanized and very rural areas), Transitions wanted to invest more in the issue of interterritoriality within the framework of energy transition.

To this end, we launched a research-action approach in partnership with the PACTE laboratory (CNRS - The French National Center for Scientific Research, University of Grenoble Alps) last September. This approach revolves around the organization of a 6-month student workshop and a university seminar.
The aim of this action-research project is to propose ideas for improving equity in the interterritorial relationship between urban and rural territories, in order to optimize the complementarity of these types of territories to achieve the TEPOS objectives. To do this, we must answer three main questions:

  • What can be the terms of equitable interterritorial relationships and exchanges to achieve the TEPOS objectives?
  • How can this equity be measured and evaluated?
  • Which forms of governance should be recommended for these interterritorial relationships?

In order to better respond to these problems while remaining connected to the reality in the field, we mobilized 5 voluntary positive energy territories to participate in this process. For the most of them, these territories include an agglomeration and a regional natural park.
Transitions and the PACTE laboratory brought together researchers, students and actors from the territories during the first seminar session on 14 October.

After a first seminar was organized on 14 October 2016, a second session is scheduled for 17 February 2017 and should bring together a wide variety of actors. This event will take place at the Cité des territoires in Grenoble (Amphi 2001,14 bis avenue Marie Reynoard). If you would like to receive more information about this event and to register, please contact our project manager in charge of monitoring this process, Baptiste Arnaud.

Later, this research-action could give rise to further in-depth studies and is intended to be continued as part of our work on territorial energy transition, so as to structure an operational approach to territorial innovation, always remaining as close as possible to the needs of the territories.



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