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View on Rennes Métropole/ Goal: Double the production of ENR and recovery
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19 January 2017

In order to achieve the goal of doubling ENR&R production by 2020 on its territory, Rennes Métropole has chosen Transitions as its partner. This goal is one of the components of the Air and Energy Climate Plan of the Métropole.

Accompanied by the Hespul and Solagro associations, we have chosen to adopt a pragmatic approach, based on a technical analysis of the available ENR&R deposits and enriched by a detailed understanding of the actors' dynamics.
To this end, we have organized two consultation seminars with a wide variety of players in the metropolis, representing the professions and sectors that will be driving the ENR&R projects in the future: energy operators, network concessionaires, farmers, developers, social and financial backers, citizens' associations, energy cooperatives, local energy agencies, consular chambers, the region, the French environment and energy management agency, environmental associations, etc.

Atelier de travail réunissant les parties prenantes de la transition énergétique de Rennes Métropole.

Nearly 60 actors met over two half-days to discuss their needs, expectations and willingness to participate in the territory's ENR&R projects over the next few years.
These strong partners will make it possible to identify the most efficient levers at the disposal of the Rennes Métropole to promote the development of renewable energies in the territory: planning, prescription, technical or financial support...
These two workshops also laid the foundations for cooperation between the actors of the Métropole, which should, in view of the dynamics and enthusiasm of the meetings, be sustained over time.

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