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Projet Optimization of local energy mix in urban planning and operational development
Actor: Public / Localisation: France / Transition: Energy transition of local territories

The French Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME) and Gaz Réseau Distribution France (GRDF) have called on Transitions, Hespul and Solagro to identify needs and put forward recommendations to optimize the local energy mix in urban planning.

The influence of urban policies on our energy system is still significant. In order to achieve ecological territorial transition, we must consider assimilating the issues that affect this transition in urban planning and operational development projects.

ADEME and GRDF aim to collectively publish a white paper of recommendations to address territorial energy supply and development projects in an integrated manner. This is why they have called upon Transitions as well as two technical partners, Hespul and Solagro, specialists in solar energy and issues associated to agriculture and energy.

Our project was carried out in three steps. First, we have addressed baseline studies by carrying out an in-depth diagnostic of existing methods and tools, which we have cross-referenced with interviews with stakeholders. After having elaborated an overview of the findings and having drawn-out real and desired decision trees, we have gone onto identifying the resulting needs of the baseline studies. In this step, we organized and promoted three knowledge-sharing and collection workshops on the input of the different relevant stakeholders.

  • The first workshop focused on the issue of the local energy mix from an angle of land-use planning.
  • The second workshop was dedicated to closely examining the scale of the development projects.
  • The third workshop gave way to an overview of the previous two workshops with the aim of cross-referencing setbacks and needs identified at those two scales and to recommend operational solutions to the needs identified by the stakeholders.

In response to the objectives of the workshops, various points led to a common theme in the analysis of the issues and in knowledge sharing:

  • Support the re-appropriation of energy by land stakeholders and ensure that the various stakeholders are consulted;
  • Investigate the interest of all energy carriers with the same attention;
  • Take into account the diversity of land: rural and urban, whatever the size, as well as the connection between the two;
  • Improve the economic and financial aspects in decision making processes;
  • Encourage participants to be creative in order to provide operational and innovative solutions.

Lastly, once the needs were identified from the three workshops, we analyzed and summarized these needs and created our recommendations accordingly with the aim of filling in ADEMEs and GRDFs white paper. This “white paper” gives a well-argued overview of possible solutions by stakeholders at planning and development levels.