Strategy and engineering of sustainable development


Consulting agency in sustainable development strategy

We conduct missions in France and around the world with public institutions, local authorities, companies, cooperatives and agricultural sectors and civil society organizations to support the necessary changes for the emergence of more sustainable, more inclusive and more supportive models of production, consumption and organization of territories. It is through a systemic approach of the stakes that we act for an ecological and social transformation at the height of the challenges to be met. In this perspective, our multidisciplinary team questions and encourages the actors with whom we work to implement transformations that are as ambitious as possible.



Understand the environmental, economic and societal issues, explore the possible fields of innovation to propose ambitious solutions.


Develop and implement concerted strategies and sustainable and responsible operational practices with economic actors, public institutions and civil society.


Contribute to the transformation of public policies, the organization of territories, the production and extraction of key resources, agricultural and food systems, international markets and the consumption patterns that influence them, in order to promote a positive impact on ecosystems and the people who depend on them.

Our approach


We defend a resolutely ambitious and systemic vision of the transition. We use our critical eye and neutral posture to challenge our clients, continuously readjust our approaches and promote disruptive and innovative models.


We build close relationships with our customers, based on an open and frequent dialogue, which allows us to establish a real relationship of trust. We stand as a trusted third party with their internal and external stakeholders.


We do not have a predefined position on the solutions to be implemented and develop coherent, ambitious and customized strategies while being adapted to the operational reality of our clients, their value chain and the territories in which they anchor their activities.


We position ourselves as a partner, rather than a service provider, to our clients and their stakeholders in order to co-design, engage and support the progressive and profound transformation of their vision and practices.


We facilitate dialogue between economic actors, institutions, and civil society, and foster the emergence of partnerships and alliances to share knowledge, encourage economies of scale, and then accelerate transitions.


In a changing world, there is no simple answer. We work by crossing perspectives, specific skills, and the interplay of actors. We question the validity of singular visions in order to create synergies, knowledge and promote a good understanding of the obstacles and activate the levers that will accelerate the ecological transition.


Our experience and knowledge of the various protagonists, particularly from civil society, enables us to propose challenging stakeholder dialogue mechanisms. This is at the heart of our services and our working methods. As a facilitator and mediator, we organize and implement animation and consultation processes. By aiming to create an open and fair dialogue between actors from different backgrounds, we try to overcome divergences and therefore encourage consensus building. This, with the perspective to collectively develop solutions to accelerate the ecological transition.

Our Expertises

Supporting the diversity of transitions

Agricultural & food transition

Towards a more sustainable and resilient agriculture

Transition of value chains

Towards sustainable supply chains

Transition of the territories

Towards a low carbon and resilient society