Our team of multidisciplinary and committed experts


Transitions has over 35 employees

Our team is composed of collaborators with national and international backgrounds, experts in strategy consulting, supply businesses and issues, as well as in the energy, agricultural and food transition of territories and organizations.
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Emmeline has a dual specialization in consultation and the environment on the one hand, and international cooperation on the other, which has led her to work on supporting the ecological transition and citizen participation. At Transitions, she accompanies various actors in their CSR and sustainable development strategy, mainly for the agricultural and food transition, but also to guide them towards more sustainable organizational models.

Emmeline Bergeon

Project Manager
Pendant une dizaine d'année au sein du Réseau Action Climat France, elle était en charge de la thématique agriculture-alimentation et changements climatiques.Diane accompagne aujourd’hui différents acteurs dans l’élaboration de leurs stratégies de transition agricole et alimentaire, et dans des processus de concertations de dialogue parties-prenantes.

Diane Vandaele

Senior Project Manager
Specialised in climate issues (recycling, digital pollution, responsible sourcing) in companies and NGOs, Yaël assists our clients with traceability, supplier commitment and innovation on circularity issues. She works in particular on minerals and palm oil.

Yaël Ventura

Project Manager
As an expert in responsible sourcing, international market dynamics and stakeholder engagement, Jane led the sourcing team in the implementation of strategic and operational missions aimed at transforming practices on commodity risk chains.engagement, Jane led the sourcing team in the implementation of strategic and operational missions aimed at transforming practices on commodity risk chains. Since 1 January 2023, she has taken over the general management of Transitions

Jane Tousco

General Manager
With over 10 years' professional experience in consulting, sustainable corporate sourcing strategies and the development of Nature-based Projects, Alice supports companies in the development of their forestry policies, the implementation of virtuous agricultural practices in their agricultural sectors and the reduction of social and environmental risks linked to their mineral sectors.

Alice Artigues

Projects Director
Senior Project Manager - Forestry Expert

Xavier Rossi

Senior Project Manager
Hugo is an agricultural engineer specialising in management sciences applied to food systems. He contributes to the analysis of the value chains of key commodities such as coconuts and palm oil. He participates in the development of new tools for greater traceability.

Hugo Andrieu

Project Manager
Devenu expert dans le domaine de la transition énergétique territoriale, Baptiste participe à l’accompagnement et à l’animation de plusieurs réseaux de territoires. Il aborde les sujets liés à la transition énergétique de manière transversale et adapte son approche en adéquation avec ces enjeux et le territoire concerné. Il contribue aussi aux travaux de recherche-action menés par Transitions sur les complémentarités et la coopération entre territoires urbains et ruraux.

Baptiste Arnaud

Senior Project Manager
Lyes assists territories in the elaboration of their energy transition strategies: animation of territorial networks on energy-climate issues, realization of renewable energy development studies, elaboration of ecological transition strategies for various structures. He is particularly interested in studies on the impact of the energy transition on employment and the economy. He is also a Citergie consultant.

Lyes Ait Mekourta

Project Manager
Sarah works with our clients in the cosmetics/personal care sector, developing our strategy on sustainable field projects to reduce the impacts of deforestation and other issues.

Sarah Delage

Project Director
Amaury has worked with various actors (NGOs, research centers, UNESCO, ministries, associations of communities) on mitigation and adaptation policies, the science-policy interface, and network management. At Transitions, he assists territories in the formulation and implementation of their strategy. He analyzes the socio-economic impacts of the ecological transition in the territories.

Amaury Parelle

Project Manager
An agricultural engineer, Valentin is specialised in project management and the support of agricultural sectors towards more responsible practices. He contributes to the analysis of supply chains, in particular through the question of the sustainability of agricultural practices and regenerative agriculture.

Valentin Grabet

Project Manager
With a decade of experience in public policies and territories, Apolline accompanies public actors in their energy and ecological transition strategies. She leads numerous missions requiring the mobilization of territorial stakeholders in order to build shared transition projects. As a specialist in urban planning and development, she opts for a broad vision combining ecological issues and urban planning.

Apolline Faure

Deputy Director
Ariane s’est spécialisée dans l’accompagnement des collectivités sur les enjeux de transition écologique, en particulier sur les enjeux énergétiques et alimentaires. Elle anime des réseaux de territoires autour des enjeux énergie-climat pour les amener vers plus de sobriété . Elle contribue également aux travaux de recherche-action de Transitions portant sur le renforcement des coopérations urbain-rural comme accélératrices de la transition énergétique.

Ariane Audisio

Project Manager
Sarah advises international companies on their responsible sourcing issues, including the creation of stakeholder engagement tools to ensure long-term support for change.

Sarah Ceska

Project Director
Mobility, energy, food, adaptation to climate change, etc. are all areas of expertise that Valentin puts at the service of the ecological transition of territories. He advises them in the design and implementation of their ecological transition strategy, in the dialogue with the stakeholders and actors of their territory.

Valentin Noilhetas

Senior Project Manager
Project Manager

Valentine Prevot

Project Manager
An agricultural engineer with field experience, Clément is one of our experts in sustainable forest management. He works on issues of traceability, risk analysis and footprint calculation to assist our clients with their wood/paper, soy and palm oil supplies.

Clément Jouaux

Project Manager
With significant experience in environmental services, Ariane contributes to the development of strategies with our key clients as well as to the operational and strategic management in support of the teams. Elle pilote notamment l'initiative ASD (Action for sustainable derivatives) depuis sa mise en place.

Ariane Denis

Deputy Director - Sustainable Sourcing
Specialized in the management of urban and territorial ecological transition projects, Adrien assists local authorities in their climate change adaptation strategy and their energy transition, in particular by leading networks of territories around energy-climate issues. He contributes to the integration of these issues in urban planning and development.

Adrien Dombis

Project Manager
As a chemical engineer specialising in the engineering of natural active ingredients, Lenaïg has expertise in the consumer goods sector, more specifically applied to cosmetics Lenaïg brings expertise in exploring innovative solutions and improving the sustainability of our clients' ingredients and supply chains.

Lenaïg Benjamin

Project Manager
As an Agronomist, Sélène contributes to various responsible sourcing projects, in particular on Regenerative Agriculture issues and commodities at risk of deforestation such as palm and soy, bringing both a strategic and technical vision.

Sélène Massy

Senior Project Manager
With a dozen years of experience working with organic food companies, Marion is in charge of the administrative and financial management, and the follow-up of human resources. she oversees the daily life of the teams and the other support functions of the company, notably office management and communication.

Marion Leveque

Administrative and financial Director