Towards a low carbon and resilient society


Transition of the territories

Support local authorities and public actors in their territorial strategies of ecological transition, in particular low-carbon, and in their strategies of adaptation to climate change.

Concerned actors

Local authorities and public institutions

Key fields of action

Urban planning and development


Climate change






• Monitoring and identification of issues and trends
• Studies, benchmarks and analyses, documentation, consultations with qualified actors
• Mapping of influence and positioning of stakeholders


• Design and proposal of the structure and content of the strategies
• Animation of networks of territories or actors on a regional or national scale: increase in competence, sharing of experience, identification of good practices, animation of participative meetings, production of content, etc.
• Foresight, through the construction of transition scenarios and the analysis of their impacts, particularly from a socio-economic point of view
• Design and facilitation of workshops and co-construction, on a wide variety of topics, to define the main strategic orientations


• Design and facilitation of workshops and co-construction of action plans on a wide variety of topics: renewable energy production, energy renovation, mobility, sustainable urban planning, jobs and training for the transition, circular economy, adaptation to climate change, mobilization of stakeholders, governance, etc.
• Support for the implementation of action plans
• Content production: identification of priorities, construction of action sheets, definition of operational roadmaps
• Monitoring and evaluation of action plans

Examples of achievements