Transitions supports private and public actors to accelerate ecological and social transitions

our vision

The climate crisis, the collapse of biodiversity, the accumulation of pollution, the depletion of resources and the aggravation of social tensions on an international scale make it necessary to profoundly transform consumption patterns, production systems and forms of territorial organisation. To face these challenges, Transitions put together a team of committed consultants with complementary skills to accompany actors on the path to sincere and ambitious change, in France and around the world

We have chosen to work with actors in their diversity - companies and professional federations; farmers, cooperatives and agricultural interprofessions; public institutions and local authorities; civil society actors - because we are convinced that the advent of more responsible and supportive lifestyles, and therefore more sustainable, necessarily involves a systemic approach to change.

Let's build together strategies and practices that respond to these multiple challenges!


What we are trying to achieve

Mitigate climate change and facilitate adaptation
Preserve ecosystems, biodiversity, water and soil
Protect fundamental human rights and promote social justice

Action levers

Our expertises to support the ecological and social transition

Adaptation to climate change
Circular Economy
Sustainable management of resources
Agricultural and food transition
Low carbone transition


Actors concerned by our missions

Local authorities and public institutions


Professional federations and interprofessions

Civil society organizations

Producers and agricultural cooperatives

Fields of action

Examples of key issues we work on

Responsible sourcing



Urban planning and development



Climate change

Due diligence

Humans Rights

Circular Economy


Mineral Extraction


Fishing and aquaculture

Forests preservation


Research and innovation

Health and Environment


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