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Projet Co-development of a sustainable fruit and vegetables supply
Actor: Private / Localisation: Europe, France / Transition: Responsible production and consumption
Since 2016

Since 2016, Transitions supports E. Leclerc, French leader in wholesale distribution, in the implementation of its goal to reduce the use of pesticides in fruit and vegetables by 50% before 2020.


Over the last few years, the use of pesticides has caused significant social concern in France. Studies are growing in number and they are unanimous: pesticides have a noteworthy impact on the environment, especially on the decline of pollinators, but also on farmers’ and consumers’ health. Certain substances are found as residue in food products resulting in public health issues.



In this respect, Michel Edouard Leclerc recently announced the brand’s goal to reduce the use of pesticides in fresh and processed fruit and vegetables by 50% before 2020. In order to achieve this ambitious goal, E. Leclerc has called on Transitions to support them in the analysis and the progress of their strategy in supplying fresh and processed fruit and vegetables.


Response given

Transitions supports E. Leclerc in its commitment to reduce the use of pesticides which entails, above all, implementing good farming practices, thereby reducing pesticides input as much as possible. “We have offered E. Leclerc a co-development solutions approach together with their various internal and external stakeholders, which they have accepted. We do not believe in the efficiency and suitability of strategies that are imposed and far from the concerns and the reality of the field. This is why we are looking for different players in their field all over France in order to create a shared strategy”, says Emmanuelle Brisse, project director.

Our services include diverse measures such as:

  • Carrying out baseline studies, specifically on fruit and vegetables supply or purchasing practices;
  • Consulting internal stakeholders: sustainable development and quality commission, F&V buyers, quality managers, group purchasing organisations, shop owners, fruit and vegetable experts, etc.;
  • Consulting external stakeholders: F&V buyers, researchers, NGOs, chambers of agriculture, cooperatives, sectors, etc.;
  • Carrying out a benchmark, particularly for commitments and action plans deployed by other distributors to reduce pesticide use or for suppliers implementing pesticide reduction initiatives;

Carrying out studies and bibliographic research, especially on the assessment of different agricultural production certification labels or research on varieties of low-input fruit and vegetables.